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Dubai Financial Market Investment Privileges Resource: FREE Quote

Dubai Financial Market has been established as a public institution having its own independent corporate body. At its starting stage, Dubai Financial Market (DFM) is intended to operate as a secondary market for trading of securities issued by public shareholding companies along with bonds issued by the Federal Government or any of the Local Governments and public institutions in the country.

In fact, The Dubai Financial Market is a stock exchange located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was founded on March 26, 2000. Almost 40 companies are listed on DFM till June 2006. Most of them are local UAE companies and a few from other Gulf countries with dual listings. Some of the companies allow foreigners to own their shares.

There are investment units issued by local investment funds and any other financial instruments, local or foreign, which are approved by Emirates Securities & Commodities Authority (ESCA) and accepted by the Market. The ESCA is responsible for licensing and supervising all trading floors in UAE.

The DFM constantly desires to accomplish the objectives to establishing a transparent, fair and cost-effective marketplace capable of protecting investments and savings of investors in general and small investors in particular. In order to achieve these objectives the DFM desires to provide the opportunity to invest in securities in a manner that better serves the national economy.

Dubai Financial Market has two integrated systems for the daily operations of trading, clearance and settlement. These are Clearance & Settlement System and Trading System.

Clearance & Settlement (CSS) is a universal automated system used to conduct the daily routine business of clearance and settlement. On the other hand, Trading System is an automated system used by the brokers for their daily operations. It also enables both the brokers and investors to monitor spot orders of buy and sell.

Payments between the broker and the buyer/seller are placed as per their mutual agreement. According to DFM rules and regulations, the seller is implied to receive his funds two working days after conclusion of the trade.

Establishing Ownership of Securities :
An investor can apply to the clearing house, either through the broker or through the DFM Investor Service Desk, for a proof of ownership of the shares by filling a "Shares Balance Form". A shares balance report will be issued within one hour.

Trading System in DFM :
DFM runs an automated screen-based trading system like most of world's major stock exchanges. Automated screen-based trading system commits a distinct advantage over traditional floor trading in terms of liquidity and transparency of prices.

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